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Finis 3X100M Stopwatch

  • Brand: Finis
  • Product Code: 1.30.032
  • Availability: In Stock

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We present 3X-100M Stopwatch—a well-known tool for athletes. Finis, a manufacturer of products developed by swimmers and for swimmers, recommends this tool not only for athletes, but also for coaches.

Stopwatch reviews both cumulative splits and the latest split. 3X-100M Stopwatch is very accurate and measures up to 10 hours by 1/100th second. It allows for 100 splits and review of both cumulative and lap splits. In addition, it allows for review of the current memory while taking splits. experts recommend Finis 3X-100M Stopwatch for athletes and coaches.

MATERIAL: plastic


- waterproof (secured from splash of water and rain, not for diving)

- displays the 1st and 2nd place times in the same view

- measures up to 10 hours by 1/100th second

- allows for 100 splits

- review of the current memory while taking splits

- 5 year warranty

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