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Finis Tempo Trainer Pro metronome

  • Brand: Finis
  • Product Code: 1.05.120
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Finis Tempo Trainer Pro is a metronome for swimmers. The device is essential for those who do not yet know how to identify and maintain an ideal pace on the distance. Designed for development of sense of time and control of stroke frequency. In whole, this device largely improves swimming efficiency on the distance.

Very simple in use—a small waterproof metronome secures beneath a swim cap and transmits an audible tempo beep, loud enough to hear by a swimmer. Before swim, the metronome may be customized in different training modes. In the first mode, the beep will be heard in splits. In the second mode, the beep will be heard with each stroke. The device does not sink. Due to the size, the metronome easily secures beneath a swim cap. You may choose 3 different beep modes:

1) single for split of 0.2 second to 99.99 second;

2) triple for split of 1 second to 9.59 minutes;

3) single in stroke control mode

It is not surprising, that Finis Tempo Trainer Pro is also called as little coach. Regular beeps help the swimmer to identify the ideal pace and cover the distance in short time. Beginners often have the same error: they do their best at the start and have no energy for the finish. In pro sport there are no small details. Each stroke, done or failed, can make the difference. Thanks to metronome, you will always know how many strokes you will need to effectively cover the distance. In addition, the user manual includes an exercise plan that will help you to make your swimming more effective. experts recommend metronome Finis Tempo Trainer Pro for practice.


- develops sense of time

- makes your swimming more effective

- applicable for swimming, running and more

- waterproof

- small and lightweight, does not sink

- with the option to replace the battery

- 2 modes of work

- loud enough to hear in and out of the water

- can be synchronized with watches

- metronome accuracy—by 1/100th second

- easily secures beneath a swim cap

- the user manual includes an exercise plan

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