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Finis Posture Trainer

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  • Improves body alignment, decreasing drag and increasing kick propulsion
  • Can be worn with or without goggles, one size fits all
  • Provides instant feedback to swimmers if their head position is incorrect
  • Virtually undetectable until swimmer exceeds ideal head position
  • Assists with technique for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
The Posture Trainer promotes correct head and spine alignment, which is key to an efficient swim stroke. When secured to the back center of the head, the device should be undetectable until the swimmer exceeds the recommended posture range. Keeping the head in the proper position throughout the entire swimming motion corrects spinal alignment, which elevates the hips, leading to a decrease in drag and an increase in kick propulsion. The Posture Trainer's versatility allows for use in all four swim strokes and fits comfortably with or without goggles.