Malmsten Classic Racing Lane Line

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Official FINA Racing Lanes, in accordance with FINA regulation FR.2.6.1
Wave Energy Dampening: 74,50%
Discs: Ø 100 mm (4")
Lengths: 25 m, 50 m or made to measure.
Available in FINA official colors,
Original Malmsten Blue/White or custom color combinations.
Color Options: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Orange and Purple
Lanes are delivered complete with Take-up Reel and Tension Spring
For safety purposes, the original Ratchet Wrench must be used.

A true classic, made by Malmsten in Sweden since 1975. World´s most popular racing lane line designed for everyday pool use. Suited for training, certain swimming competitions (FINA FR 2.6.1.) and also used for water polo field of play demarcations, open water finishing lines and divisional lines for synchronized swimming competition and more.
Pool managers and swimmers choice!
An excellent lane line and wave breaker using much the same technology as our Gold models.
Superior discs and donuts.
-Flow-through technique
-Designed for minimal water bounce back
-Each disc rotating individually
-Key water positioning
-Excellent durability
-Material - Latest industry polyethylene, reinforced with highest color fastness
-Developed for public pools worldwide
-4mm Wire -Stainless steel, flexible and strong
-Guaranteed free of any harmful material
-Recyclable material
Selected by FINA and LEN from 1976 to 1992 for most major competitions.