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StrechCordz Modular Set ‘Standard’ 1.2 m

  • Brand: StretchCordz
  • Product Code: S103
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StrechCordz Modular Set is a complete modular set for dry-land training. It includes two 1.2 m tubes, mounting straps and changeable attachment points: handles, paddles, leg straps. Actually, this is a set of three items: StrechCordz with Paddles,StrechCordz with Handles and StrechCordz with Leg Straps. Modular Set will assist professional swimmers in strengthening stroke, mastering swimming technique and building endurance. StrechCordz trainers is a recipe for success of the United States Olympic Swim Team, the strongest team on the planet. Modular Set will assist in your training in the pool and in dry-land.

If you are not a swimmer, you will still find an excellent use for this set. With it, you can work out all the most important muscle groups, and build the muscles you spent years dreaming about. You can make your legs, back, chest, hands, press stronger and more attractive using Modular Set at home.

StrechCordz trainers have different resistance levels. Higher resistance is suitable for strength training, while low one is ideal for aerobic exercise. In our shop you may buy additional rubber tubes for this set, if you need to change the resistance level to a lower or higher one. experts recommend StrechCordz Modular Set to professional athletes who want to achieve best results, as well as to those who lead an active lifestyle and are familiar with sports not by hearsay. Modular Set is an ideal mix to workout upper and lower body. Medium/Light resistance (silver, yellow, green) + additional tube of Medium/Heavy resistance (red, blue). So, you can increase your muscle mass and strength by using a tube in heavy resistance, and also get rid of excess weight, increase endurance and improve the performance of the cardiovascular system, using a tube in light resistance.

ColorResistance (lbs)*Resistance (kg)*


- a versatile set of trainers

- changeable tubes

- various resistance levels

- special mounting straps

- three trainers in one set

- helps to improve the swimming technique

- ability to build all muscle groups

- ability to change the resistance level by buying another tube

- easy to use

The set includes:

- StrechCordz with Handles

- StrechCordz with Paddles

- StrechCordz with Leg Straps

- Handy carry bag

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