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Finis Footbooties

  • Brand: Finis
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Footbooties is an accessory for fins, designed by famous Finis. Often, choosing fins, you can’t find the ideal size. Either they are a bit big, or a bit small. This accessory is designed to solve the problem with the size: if the fins are a bit big, you just need to put Footbooties on.

Even if the fins are made of quite soft material, their use at the beginning is not comfortable—the skin chafes quickly. Footbooties will help you here, as contact with soft neoprene material is always more pleasant than with rubber or silicone. Footbooties are suitable for use of fins or monofins. experts recommend Finis Footbooties when using fins or monofins.

MATERIAL: neoprene


- offset the difference in size, if fins are a bit big

- prevent chafing when using fins

- made of a soft high-quality material

- different sizes available

- suitable for use of fins or monofins

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