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Finis Positive Drive Fin

  • Brand: Finis
  • Product Code: 2.35.100
  • Availability: In Stock

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Slovakia - Free delivery

Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic - EUR 5,90

Germany, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia -  EUR 9,90

France, Italy, England, Belgia, Netherlands- EUR 15,90

Denmark, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Estonia - EUR 19,90

Positive Drive Fins differ from the majority of fins with their shape. Designed by Finis experts specifically for breaststroke.

The majority of existed fins are not compatible with breaststroke, that is why Positive Drive Fins is a unique product on the market of swimming equipment. Their shape, distributing pressure around the foot, helps the swimmer to practice kick for breaststroke. It will also appeal to all water polo players as an unsurpassed accessory to work out a strong kick!

Though the Positive Drive Fins are designed for breaststroke, they can be used for freestyle, butterfly and backstroke. It is a versatile accessory, therefore it will be appreciated by athletes practicing complex strokes. The ability to adjust the length of the loops, fixing the foot in the fins, is a very nice addition to this great accessory. Now it is much easier to choose the right size. experts recommend Finis Positive Drive Fins for training breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle.

MATERIAL: polymer


- unique fins for breaststroke

- also suitable for generating correct propulsion in all kick styles

- adjustable heel strap

- help to better feel your motion

- exclude feeling of discomfort and chasing

- made of high-quality materials

Overall Rating 5
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