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Triswim Chlorine-Out Body Wash Gel, 251 ml

  • Brand: Triswim
  • Product Code: TSBW0020
  • Availability: In Stock
12.71€ 9.90€

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Triswim Body Wash is formulated specifically for swimmers and perfectly solves two main problems. It removes chlorine odor, which is so hardly washed off after the pool, and also moisturizes and soothes the skin. All swim lovers are familiar with harsh consequences of training in the pool or having a holiday at the seaside. The skin becomes dry because of chlorine, salt and sun. Body Wash contains Aloe Vera, Pro Vitamin В5 and well-known antioxidant Vitamin Е that eliminate the dry itchy feeling and redness, as well as soften the skin. Paraben free product, safe even for the smallest swimmers. Refreshing exotic mango scent, supplemented with notes of apricot, will lift your spirit for all day! Size: 251 ml experts recommend to use Triswim Body Wash after training in the pool and during the sea holiday.


- formulated specifically for swim lovers

- suitable for use after the pool

- suitable for use on sea holidays

- rich in vitamins and nutrients

- paraben free

- softens the skin

- removes chlorine odor

- for all skin types

- safe to use everyday

- washes off chlorine and chemicals

- eliminates the dry itchy feeling

- safe for children

- a pleasant scent

Overall Rating 5
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